What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a real job with professional training. The new apprenticeship standards in England were developed by employer-led groups called 'trailblazers' which CIMA was and continue to be actively involved in.

They were designed to give employers more control over their apprenticeships, increase flexibility, simplify apprenticeship funding and improve the effectiveness of apprenticeship training.

Is an apprenticeship right for you or your organisation?

An apprenticeship is suitable for almost anyone, from graduates to school leavers, new employees as well as people already in work looking to up-skill, as long as there is an opportunity to gain new skills, an apprenticeship could be for you. Apprenticeships are available to anyone living in England, who is over the age of 16 and not in full-time education. We offer apprenticeships at two levels so the opportunity is there no matter where you start from.

Why CIMA's Apprenticeship programme?

CIMA has been delivering apprenticeships for a number of years and you are now able to study CIMA’s Certificate in Business Accounting via the Level 4 Professional Accounting/Tax Technician standard or CIMA’s full professional qualification via the Level 7 Professional Accountant standard.

The CIMA qualification combines accounting, finance, and management with the business skills and techniques you’ll need to add real value to any organisation. Management accountants are qualified to work across the business, not just in finance, advising managers on the financial implications of big decisions, formulating business strategy and monitoring risk – much more than just crunching numbers.

By studying CIMA, you will develop the critical knowledge and skills that employers are looking for and be ready to work in any business – large or small, public or private, all around the world. 

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