Austell, Georgia, us
Feb 21, 2021
Feb 26, 2021
Job Role
Contract Type
Full Time

Performs day-to-daypayroll, human resources, insurance and business office functions of thefacility in accordance with established procedures, and as directed by theAdministrator.

1.Creates and maintains an atmosphere ofwarmth, interest, and optimism in the needs of residents, families, visitors,and ad staff.
2.Develops, encourages, and maintains goodcommunication between and among departments, residents, staff, visitors, etc.
3.Answers all job reference requests accordingto company policies and procedures.
4.Assists in reporting and resolvingcomplaints and grievance from residents, families, visitors and partners.
5.Balances payroll account upon receipt ofmonthly bank statement.
6.Completes all reports per deadlines asrequired by the Corporate Office.
7.Completes and tracks all employee datachanges and forwards to Corporate Office with payroll
8.Completes and tracks employee deductions andenters in payroll.
9.Completes employee payroll according tocorporate procedures.
10. Completes masterfile forms for all new partners and forwards to Corporate Office with payroll.
11. Completes wagerequests when accompanied by signed release from employee/former partners.
12. Complies withestablished universal precautions and isolation procedures.
13. Covers Receptionistduties when needed.
14. Ensures properfiling and handling of all information which is in employee personnel andinformation files.
15. Enters new partnersinto automated time clock.
16. Follows all companypolicies and procedures, state and federal laws and regulations and chargedwith reporting violations to the appropriate supervisor.
17. Inputs all bills inhouse every Friday on Accounts Payable template.
18. Processesapplications and pre-employment documents
19. Keeps supervisorinformed of daily activities, and issues. Proposes solutions to issues.
20. Maintainsattendance, PTO schedules and records employee earning notice, counseling andother disciplinary action.
21. Maintains completefiles on all partners including personnel information, physicals, evaluations,immunization, licensure, certification, etc.
22. Maintainsconfidentiality of all information in accordance with the Privacy Act, as wellas, established personal policies governing the release of information.
23. Maintains privacyof records, conditions and other information relating to residents, partnersand facility.
24. Maintains rehireeligibility status files on former partners.
25. Makes copies of allbills on input sheet and overnight the template form along with the originalbill to Corporate
26. Makes necessarycorrections and or adjustments to employee time cards upon verification byauthorized supervisor.
27. Makes sure all vendorsare sent to contracting for approval along with sanction check and w-9 form.
28. Makes sure drugtest is performed prior to hire. Make sure PPD skin test is done and has anegative prior to hire.
29. Makes sure licensesand certification are current and unrestricted for the state prior to hire andper renewal regulations.
30. Monitors workerscompensation claims and coordinate work between employee and insurance carrier.
31. Operates copier,office machines, computer/word processor, etc. As directed.
32. Prints, preparesand distributes timecards and payroll checks.
33. Processes, recordsand tracks Family Medical Leave on partners.
34. Records and tracksPTO requests on all partners.
35. Schedulesorientation, assembles orientation packets and personnel file. Be the leadperson for the 4-day orientationprocess, order uniforms, and get pictures for picture name badges form camerato disk to send to Norcross.

36. Researches vendorcalls
37. Responsible forpreparing and mailing separation notices and termination process timely
38. Reviews monthlystatements from vendors so that invoices are paid in a timely manner.
39. Completes an auditof all bills dated for that month that are still in house on the last Friday ofeach month
40. Verifies all timecardsand sign sheets for accuracy in preparation for payroll
41. Makes sure allorientation papers are signed and dated and placed into personnel file.
42. Monitors worker'scompensation claims and coordinate work between employee and insurance carries.
43. Ensures that thedaily census and nursing hours are done and sent to Corp. by 11:00 daily.
44. Participates incounseling and termination meetings

• Participates in center/agencysurveys (Licensure / JCAHO) and any subsequently required reports.
• Attends and participates incontinuing educational programs to keep abreast of changes in your field aswell as to maintain current license/certification, as required.
• Attends and participates inmandatory in-services.
• Honors patients/residents' rights tofair and equitable treatment, self-determination, individuality, privacy,property and civil rights, including the right to wage complaints.
• Complies with corporate complianceprogram.
• Reports job-related functions/tasksthat involve occupational hazards including exposure to blood and body fluidsand others as necessary.
• Follows established safetyregulations, to include fire protection & prevention, smoking regulations,infection control, etc.
• Follows established safetyprocedures when performing tasks and/or working with equipment.


High school diploma or equivalent

Six (6) months experience in payroll, insurance and/or clerical position.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: (Preferred qualifications)
Have taken and completed courses in payroll, bookkeeping, office procedures, and other related subjects. Prefer two years of experience in a payroll, insurance and/or clerical position.

Job: Administrative
Primary Location: Georgia-Austell
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: 1st Shift
Job Posting: Feb 17, 2021, 12:37:59 PM