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Virtual Associate Financial Advisor

Exeter, California, United States
Closing date
Feb 15, 2024

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Job Role
Contract Type
Full Time
Full Time
Base salary of $65,000+ depending on qualifications and experience
Plus bonus potential benefits
Hours: Pacific to Mountain Time Zone

Harvest Wealth Group, a leading financial planning firm, invites you to join us as a Virtual Associate Advisor within our Diamond Team model.

About Harvest Wealth Group

Harvest Wealth Group is a top-performing financial planning firm based in Exeter, CA, managing over $350 million in assets.

We have embraced the Diamond Team model, a revolutionary way of organizing advisory firms. Like a baseball diamond, our Diamond Teams consist of a senior advisor on second base, lead advisors on first and third bases, and an associate advisor on home plate. This structure fosters collaboration, specialization, and career progression, enabling us to deliver exceptional service to our clients while ensuring advisor success and firm growth.

Our purpose is to create a massive impact in the lives of our team and clients by delivering quality, actionable financial advice to the hard-working American family because that is what we are, and that is who we care about.

We all work together to serve and impact 4000 families by 2023.

Our clients are 40- to 60-year-old family stewards with at least $400,000 to invest that live in the communities we serve; they are financially phobic and looking for a trusted "who" to outsource this part of their life completely. If you have experience working with this type of client - or want that experience - this role will be a great fit.

You will love it here if these core values are who you naturally and authentically are:
  • Scrappy - We choose a fighting spirit to relentlessly push through challenges and obstacles smarter, faster, and against all odds.
  • Obsessively Serve - We commit and exist to proactively serve our team and clients, so their concerns are always at the forefront of our business. We will serve our team and clients with a genuine humility that leaves no doubt they are valued as people. We will go the second mile!
  • Stronger United - We check our egos at the door! The positive spirit with which we support each other fosters authentic, respectful, and meaningful relationships. We celebrate and embrace our differences. We invest in each other because we win or lose as a team.
  • Excellence Wins - We are committed to continually striving to improve and innovate ourselves and our business. We are here to delight, meet and exceed our team's and client's highest expectations in everything we do. This gives us the edge.

As a Virtual Associate Advisor within our Diamond Team model, you will play a crucial role in serving our clients and driving the growth of our firm. You will work closely with the team, leveraging the support and expertise available to build deep relationships.

You'll love coming to work every day if you get, want, and have the capacity to:

  • Obsessively serve assigned clients to
    • Create raving fans
    • Earn additional wallet share
    • Earn referrals

You'll have success here if you value clear processes and feel qualified to do the following things:
  • Proactively communicate with your assigned clients, following the client service matrix.
  • Take ownership and pride in serving clients
  • Collaborate with lead and senior advisors

We train our team to help them succeed, and everyone on our team helps with our success. In this role, you'll initially be accountable for hitting the following numbers each week:
  • 50 proactive service calls to existing clients completed
  • 20 intake calls from existing clients
  • 10 referrals to lead advisors for identified opportunities with existing clients

If you want to come to work, learn, and hit those numbers, you'll be recognized and rewarded.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Work collaboratively within a Diamond Team structure to serve existing clients.
  • Conduct proactive service calls to an existing book of clients under the supervision of a lead advisor.
  • Collaborate with senior advisors to address clients' concerns.
  • Assist in preparing client documents, including meeting notes, follow-up actions, and updates to the firm's CRM.
  • Embrace specialization within the team, focusing on areas of expertise to provide exceptional value to clients.
  • Actively participate in the growth and development of the Diamond Team including identifying opportunities and referring to the appropriate team members.
  • Keep up-to-date with industry trends, regulations, and best practices to continue to grow as an advisor.
  • Collaborate with the Harvest Wealth Group team to continuously improve service offerings and client experience.

Why Join Harvest Wealth Group's Diamond Teams:
  • Structured growth model that eliminates the pressure of self-sourcing leads.
  • Supportive team environment where collaboration and specialization thrive.
  • Your voice matters. You will participate in active and lively weekly departmental meetings that help shape our future.
  • Clear career path for advisors with opportunities for advancement.
  • Increased advisor productivity through specialization and client segmentation.
  • Focus on client service and the development of strong client bonds.
  • Ability to leverage the expertise and resources of the Diamond Team for better client outcomes.
  • Competitive compensation package with a base salary, unlimited salary cap, and bonus potential.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and tools to enhance your financial advisory services.
  • Ongoing training and development opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge.
  • Flexibility to work remotely from anywhere, avoiding the constraints of a corporate office.


2+ years of experience as a financial advisor.

Strong knowledge of financial planning and investments.

Excellent communication skills and attention to detail.

Tech-savvy and comfortable in a virtual environment.

Alignment with our core values and mission.

A desire for personal and professional growth.

Collaborative and problem-solving mindset.

Our company runs on EOS (Entrapenrual Operating System) purely. That means as a member of this team, you will have a leader who:
  • Gives clear directions
  • Makes sure you have the necessary tools
  • Acts with the greater good in mind
  • Delegates appropriately
  • Takes time to truly understand your role and how you can help the company
  • Makes their expectations clear
  • Communicates well
  • Has effective meetings
  • Meets one-on-one with you quarterly or more, if needed
  • Rewards and recognizes your performance

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and relevant certifications or designations. We look forward to reviewing your application.


Diamond Teams facilitate the growth of advisory and wealth management firms by accelerating the training and knowledge of advisors at every level. They enhance the productivity and proficiency of financial advisors while amplifying the revenue, profit, and enterprise value of the advisory firm. Each team is accountable for a group of the firm's clients, or all of them in smaller firms.
  • In Diamond Teams, the Senior Advisor is responsible for the top 20% of the Team's essential clients, devoting the rest of their time to bringing in new clients and/or managing the firm. The majority of the team's clients are then divided between the two Lead Advisors (sometimes called Service Advisors), who handle client meetings and provide investment management, financial planning, and other services. The Lead Advisors also focus on bringing new clients to the firm.
  • The Associate Advisor supports the Lead Advisors by sitting in client meetings, taking notes, and learning how the firm's lead advisors work directly with clients. They also help with investment screening and monitoring, drafting financial plans, and administrative duties. As firms expand, one of the Lead Advisors forms another Team, while the Associate Advisor takes over their role. A new associate is hired, and the training process starts again. The Lead Advisor would be promoted to the Senior Advisor role upon the retirement or transition of the current Senior Advisor to a firm management role.

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