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Zonal Section Head Commercial - Overheads

Ultratech Cement Limited
Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, India
Competitive Salary
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Feb 13, 2024

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Job Role
Contract Type
Full Time
The Position is of JB 10

Agreements & Contracts Management
  • (R) Renewal of agreements or contracts before expiry at Zone
  • (R,A) Completion & secured maintenance of all required agreements at zonal level

Cost Control
  • (A) e-bidding for all procurements above 2 Lakhs to ensure most competitive rates
  • (A) Review of depot expenses and explore depot cost rationalization by optimizing operational expenses
  • (R) All expenses are accounted in the books strictly in line with agreements and contract issued and those not supported are having proper management approval at Zone
  • (R) Increase / encourage more vendors and ensure competitive price negotiations
  • (R) Monitor / control of fixed cost, variance analysis, highlight items and follow up for reduction
  • (R,A) Proper and systematic budgetary control on fixed expenses and deviations are reported to regions on monthly basis for action

Customer Account Management
  • (R) Renew all insurance policies i.e. transit insurance, Mediclaim for dealers, sub dealers, vehicle insurance, assets

Finalisation of Financial Statements
  • (A) Reconcile Zonal and Unit accounts on monthly basis and incorporate necessary corrections for monthly closing and consolidation
  • (R) Make provision for unpaid expenses as per accounting standards & governing laws, Work orders, contracts
  • (R) Preparation of Zonal / Plant accounts with accuracy
  • (R) Review and critical scrutiny of important General Ledger balances & trial balance monthly for finalization of monthly accounts

Fixed Assets Management
  • (A) Proper accounting of capital additions, deletions and transfers in SAP
  • (A) Tagging and Physical verification of all company assets to safeguard the assets and take corrective measures.
  • (R) Validation of capex spend proposals as received from other functions
  • (R, A) Maintain details of all assets of the company at zone / region as required by law

Indirect Tax Management- GST
  • (R) Proper accounting with respect to GST Regime (Document type, tax code, tax % etc.)

Internal controls & System Review
  • (R) Adherence to SOP compliances in all negotiations for procurement of white goods, gifts, foreign tours, gifts for Marketing / Technical services, CRM expenses, godown rent / office rent, capex expansion etc.
  • (R) To upload all permanent agreements in DMS

Invoicing & Banking
  • (R) Ensure proper grouping of Customer and Vendors to enable consolidation of data for proper monitoring and decision making
  • (R, A) Effective cash flow management by timely and accurate payments to vendors/employees at Zone
  • (R, A) Plan and monitor of funds on daily basis for effective fund management

Marine & Coastal Management
  • (A) All forex adherences and exchange gain/loss is accounted properly.
  • (R,A) Accounting of sub-hire income as per charter party agreement at correct exchange rate.
  • (R,A) Monthly allocation of Ship Hire, fuel charges and other expenses based on no of days of each ship, basis their actual uses to respective zones/plant
  • (R,A) Obtain and maintain all agreement copies of vessel used and proper accounting for ship hire charges considering all the forex fluctuations
  • (R,A) Obtain contract in coordination with the marine department, for sub-chartering of ship in case of ship hire
  • (R,A) Timely accounting of fuel bills in coordination with CPC and vendor to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply
  • (R,A) Timely invoice collection from Port Authorities and subsequent accounting in the zonal marketing books
  • (R,A) Timely payments to vendors as per terms of arrangement and follow up for balance confirmation

MIS & Analytics
  • (R) Ensure proper accounting, incisive and analytical MIS for continuous focus on opportunity for revenue maximization
  • (R) Maintain detailed data for proper decision making wrt personnel, fixed assets, rent, salary actual & budget and highlight variances in case of deviation
  • (R) Prepare monthly Capex MIS, budget vs. actual data and highlight variances for action planning
  • (R) Review and track actual fixed cost against budget on monthly basis, indicate vital deviations and facilitate improvements in working

Payroll Management
  • (R) Accounting and tax compliances of salary processing across all business and locations
  • (R,A) Validate and Process Monthly salary disbursement across all business and locations, based on the Salary computation submitted by HR

Planning & Budgeting
  • (R) Validation & Preparation of depot wise fixed expenses budget

Risk Management
  • (R,A) Ensure proper and timely lodging of insurance claims and getting the same settled on time

SAP & IT Management
  • (R) Testing of new reports as per the requirement of user in co-ordination with SAP team

Statutory Audit
  • (R) Coordinate for statutory audit and resolve all audit points, ensure all required entries are accurately posted in the system
  • (R) Getting the financial statements audited by statutory auditors on quarterly and annual basis

UBS Suppliers Contracts & Negotiation
  • (R) Issue of Purchase Order for all UBS Purchases
  • (R,A) Quarterly balance confirmation from vendors so there is no reconciliation or quantity dispute

Vendor Management
  • (A) Preparing & issuing purchase orders/ in line with the terms negotiated and company's standard terms at Zone
  • (R) Adherence to Vendor registration process as per SOP
  • (R) Dispute Resolutions of all vendors to safeguard the financial and non-financial implications at Zone
  • (R) Identification and vendor negotiation for cost optimization and best value for money at Zone
  • (R) Negotiation for competitive rates with advertising & printing agencies, expenses for TASC (mason) engagement programs, MCL (Mobile Concrete Vans)
  • (R) Timely renewals of vendor agreements (except for TM, Pump, JCB) to ensure continued service to avoid any business loss impact

Skills: overheads

Experience: 0.00-50.00 Years

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