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Authoriser - WBO

HDFC Bank Limited
Belchi Sharif Bihar Sharif Nalanda, Nalanda, India
Competitive Salary
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Dec 3, 2023

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Full Time
Job Description :

A. Clearing Operations:Inward Clearing :1. Authorise all Inward clearing instruments within the cut-off timings without exceptions.2. Tallying of cheques received verification and authorization of entries.3. Book receivable or payables under intimation to the unit-in-charge.Handling of Returns and Referrals :1. Identify and return eligible cheques to the presenting bank.2. Raise referrals for cheques as applicable including Co-operative Bank cheques and follow-up.3. Maintain cheques return register and other records.4. To ensure timely processing of all cheques within the cut off time and return the same within the permissible time. Outward Clearing:1. Authorisation of all outward clearing entries within the cut-off timings without exception.2. Verification and authorization of all entries before presentation in outward clearing.3. Ensure inward returns and ensure Nil exceptions.Co-operative Bank Cheques :1. Authorisation of Co-operative Bank funding sheets and validation of Co-operative Bank cheques received against funding sheet.Nostro and Suspense account monitoring:1. Daily reconciliation of nostro accounts. 2. Record balance of all relevant suspense accounts as per the process.3. Fortnightly reporting of suspense/monthly nostro accounts after due verification with relevant details.4. Safe custody of Nostro account chequebook and judicious use of the same.B. CMS Operation:Authorisation of all CMS instruments/transactions :1. Verification and Authorisation of all cheques received for collection without exceptions.2. To ensure dispatch of the schedules to the right location in time.3. To ensure timely presentation of cheques received under schedules for collection after due verification and related activities.4. Follow-up for schedules in case not received as required / send tracers.Remittances/Bankers to the Issue/Regional Rural Bonds :1. Issuance of instruments like Demand Drafts/Manager Cheques etc. as per prescribed process.2. Safe custody of numbered instruments and maintenance of proper records.3. Timely processing of all Bankers to the Issue applications received at the branch.4. Timely processing of all Regional Rural Bond applications and related activities.Suspense account monitoring :1. Record balance of all relevant suspense accounts as per the process.Follow up of Clean Schedules :1. Ensure timely realisation of clean schedules and effective tie-ups with other banks to reduce the realization cost.C. Depository Operations:1. Processing of Delivery Instruction Slip, Delivery Instruction Booklet, Pledge instructions.2. NSDL KYC Registration Agency/Know Your Customer forms processing3. Normal account closure processing4. Transfer cum closure cum waiver (TCW) account closure processing5. Transmission cum closure of account request processing6. Various account modification requests processing like Change of address, change of mandate/debit bank account details, nominee details, change of name individual/corporate, change in authorized signatories, freeze/unfreeze request and etc.7. Dematerialization Request Form (DRF) processing8. Conversion of mutual fund into dematerialized form requests processing9. Rematerialization/Redemption request processing10. Appropriate record keeping of undelivered or rejected Dematerialization Request Forms.11. Co-ordination with customer/Depository Central Processing Unitsfor undelivered Delivery Instruction Books.12. Supportive interaction with Retail, Region branches for query resolution.13. Adequate legal representation/co-ordination for cases14. Motivate/educate staff for smooth and streamlined operations.15. Convey failed/rejected transactions to the clients, send proper intimation.16. Mark off the available slips prior to closing accounts.17. Mandatory call back of all reports.18. Generation and tally of daily reconciliation of reports19. To obtain dormancy confirmation from customer20. Confirmation to be obtained from customer for 5 or more International Securities Identification Numbers to be transferred.21. Ecall back activity to be completed on same day22. As a precautionary measure, in-house concurrent audit activity to be done.23. Scanning and uploading of Delivery Instruction Slip.24. Focusing the clients who are eager to avail Speed-e/iDeas facility.25. Interacting with Customer, query handling, complaint management.26. Handling of audits.27. Review and sustenance of Quality initiatives viz. 5S etc.28. Record maintenance of vouchers and register within the Record Maintenance system.29. Handling of any other product or task given by senior management.D. Retail Asset Operations:1. Logging of Application and scanning in respective system for credit appraisal.2. Processing of Disbursement across products3. Completion of Scanning of disbursed documents in IDEA RAS application4. Schedule generation prior to dispatch of files to linked CPU.5. Housekeeping for Asset disbursement like PDD updation , DARO Updation6. Monitoring of MIS circulated from CCU / Central Operation7. Monitoring of Login & Disbursement TAT8. Managing Customer Service Desk on different customer deliverables9. Destruction of Files / PDDs based on CPU MIS 10. Scanning of Property document in IDEA-RASE. Retail Liability Operations:1. Accepting and reconciliation of Account Opening forms and Instructions2. Basic checking of NTB Saving and customer instruction forms.3. Gunning of AOF across stages in FTS4. Verification of Account Opening (Non-Individual) forms through KYC Utility , FCU and SCU through core system 5. Monitoring of TAT and subsequent generation of sticker through RIS for AOF / CI6. For SMART account Receiving of Signature cards in FTS and dispatch through RIS 7. For SLI receiving of AOF in Intensul8. Scanning of SLI AOF for Signature updation in KYC Utility9. Reconciliation and dispatch of Job Cards for AOF / CIF. Retail Liability HSL Account Opening:1. Receiving and scanning through FTS2. Post scanning authorization of Indexed HSL form3. TAT monitoring through FTS4. Dispatch of POA and AOF separately 5. Major actionable of the JR 6G. Retail Liability - ME Forms:1. Receiving and reconciliation of ME Forms in FTS2. Verification through checklist 3. Customer calling to be made for Tele-verification4. CSP updation5. Tracking of FTNR through Maps and FTS6. Scanning of FTR ME Form 7. Dispatch of forms through FTS
1. Ensure timely handover of systems.
2. Maintain relevant registers and documents.
3. Suspense/General Ledger accounts monitoring.
4. Store all security documents, instruments, etc. in FRFC under dual custody.
5. Ensure generation of all the relevant reports for all the functions.
6. To convert customer on digital platform.
7. Co-ordination with external agencies, vendors, system support teams.
8. Management of staff leaves, absenteeism, replacements, exigencies.
9. Efficiency management.
10. Any other responsibilities entrusted from time to time.
Skills: Sales, Cross Selling, Lead Generation, Customer Relationship

Experience: 2.00-3.00 Years

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