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Bango payment technology powers the global leaders. More major app stores have activated billing routes through the Bango Platform than any other carrier billing provider, and today Bango technology powers more app store carrier billing deployments than anyone else (Progressive Equity Research Limited ("PERL")).

Reaching a larger share of the people than ever, Bango has an addressable base of over 1.7bn. Only Bango processes carrier billing transactions across all four major US MNOs, representing more than 300m connected devices.

The Bango Platform is designed to ensure that payment can be collected for any content or service, sold from any internet enabled device, using any alternative payment method.

Bango post-launch technology is proven to deliver higher revenues of between 20-40%. Award-winning Bango Boost technology provides insights and recommendations to payment providers and merchants, giving partners that integrate with the Bango Platform an important competitive advantage.

As more customers and partners adopt the Bango Platform and as more transactions are analyzed by Bango technology, the platform becomes increasingly powerful, providing unique insights that drive revenue growth. This in turn drives more customers to use the Bango Platform, fuelling a virtuous circle of success for the Bango Platform and the internet industry.

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