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GKBK Limited

GKBK is more than just another banking start-up. It aims to provide innovative lending solutions to UK customers, supported by a money management app that enables customers to take control of their personal finances and their credit profiles. GKBK believes that it's proposition will appeal to a large market of customers (c.14m) who find it difficult to access mainstream credit. GKBK's mission is not just about lending; it is determined to provide an option for those consumers currently unable to access affordable borrowing from mainstream providers, helping customers to borrow responsibly, and enabling them to understand how to improve their credit histories. GKBK aims to create a business that supports and empowers its customers.

GKBK expects to establish a strong market presence and positive reputation, based on easy-to-use products and high levels of service. At launch, GKBK will also introduce simple fixed-rate saving products, which will be marketed to UK savers.

We've built up a team of about 20 (and growing!) intelligent, creative and hard-working individuals excited by the prospect of building a customer obsessed bank that provides innovative financial solutions that enables customers to take control of their personal finances. We value accountability and collaboration and know that having a bit of fun in the office makes us even more productive. We're growing rapidly and are looking for people with similar values and attitude to bring their experience to enhance our team

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