Al Habib Pharmaceuticals

About Al Habib Pharmaceuticals

Who We Are

Al Habib Pharmaceuticals is built upon the philosophy of quality service, reliability and added value. We provide high-quality medical services to protect the health of our patients.

Al-Habib Pharmaceuticals is a company that imports and markets medications and related drugs from countries like South Korea, Taiwan, China and Argentina. We act as a marketer and sole agent of such drugs in Pakistan. Our aim is to establish AHP’s Manufacturing Unit by 2020.

Today AHP is one of the market leader in the National Oncology market with the scope and expertise that surpasses its wildest expectations.

Over the years that followed, the AHP's network spread out not only via geographical expansion, but also via the addition of its new products and innovative activities.

Our Team

We come from many backgrounds and do different things, but we all strive to deliver on the same promise, inspired from innovation, reflecting ways to create a healthier future.


Our mission is to serve humanity, catering to the need of the masses, by providing safe, effective and quality medicines.


Our vision is to become a leading pharmaceutical company in Pakistan & a significant global player by providing quality & afordable innovative solution in medicine & treatment.

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