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  • How data analytics can help finance professionals and businesses

    • Jul 3, 2020

    Finance professionals are uniquely qualified to help businesses analyze big data. Future-proof your career by exploring this ever-expanding field and discovering the many opportunities awaiting you in data analytics.

  • Blockchain and you: 3 ways accountants can use the technology

    • May 20, 2020
    • Jesse Bullington

    Blockchain is coming. If you want to secure your future in finance, you’ve got to learn how to use it. Start with these three applications and you’ll be ready when it arrives.

  • How will robotic process automation impact your career in finance?

    • Nov 8, 2019
    • Jesse Bullington

    To thrive in 21st-century accounting, learn how to make the machines work for you.

  • Automation in Accountancy & Finance – How can you succeed

    • Jan 31, 2020

    Here are the 4 tips on how you can get the most from an ever-changing digital landscape.

  • Five technologies you need to explore to be employable

    • Jan 13, 2020
    • Jesse Bullington

    The earlier you adopt new tech, the sharper your competitive edge. Here are the top 5 skills and tools for you to boost your employability.

  • Have you woken up to the digital revolution?

    • Aug 10, 2018

    Change is the new norm in our digital world, and this applies as much to accounting as it does to anything else but it looks like most UK workers haven’t woken up to the fact - have you?

  • Skills that help accounting professionals succeed alongside AI

    • Apr 6, 2018

    Here are the 3 new skills that help accountants and auditors succeed alongside AI.