Effective leadership

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  • When in your career can you say that you are the ‘finished article’? After many years in the industry, we still believe that the answer is never.
  • Gaining the respect of a new team is essential to leadership success. Recruiting experts offer four tips on how to face the challenges that might arise in your first few weeks.
  • When a valued employee quits, the loss of intellectual property and product knowledge could actually have a bigger long-term impact than the cost of hiring new staff.
  • Every accounting and finance professional who’s had a mentor knows how valuable the experience can be. But mentoring relationships aren’t just about helping mentees learn the ropes of a job or build their careers. They can also provide growth opportunities for the mentor.
  • A good leader recognises that part of the job is developing the next generation of leaders.
  • Some think that it is simply about acquiring the right skills and you are guaranteed to be successful. Others think it’s about having the right qualifications.
  • The worst leaders point out problems without offering solutions. And they often withhold plans or prevent colleagues from contributing to the decision-making process.
  • Russell Reynolds Associates, an executive search firm examined survey responses from more than 3,700 executives, including 134 chief executives at large companies in North America and Europe to find the traits that separate CEO's.