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  • 5 easy tips to develop killer communication skills

    • Jul 8, 2016

    Are you an introvert or a shy person who longs for stronger communication skills — especially in stressful situations? We’ll let you in on a secret: The key to being an excellent verbal communicator is confidence.

  • How to become a great mentor

    • Jul 8, 2016

    Every accounting and finance professional who’s had a mentor knows how valuable the experience can be. But mentoring relationships aren’t just about helping mentees learn the ropes of a job or build their careers. They can also provide growth opportunities for the mentor.

  • How vulnerable are you to becoming obsolete at work

    • Jul 7, 2016

    Katie Willyerd and Barbara Mistick explain why it's time to check how vulnerable you are to becoming obsolete at work

  • 6 ways to write an email message that works

    • Jun 9, 2016

    Email messages have become the primary communication tool in business settings. But writing an efficient work-related message is easier said than done.

  • Six worthwhile risks to take in your career

    • Jun 2, 2016

    We’re not talking about behaving impulsively. Rather, the career risks you should consider are those that leave you feeling professionally satisfied, help you move up in the finance world and see you receiving fair reward and recognition for a job well done.

  • How to listen like a pro

    • May 4, 2016

    How often do you really listen to what your colleague or team member is saying to you? Faced with multiple deadlines and demands, it can be easy to hear what you expect to hear and seek to move on down your list of tasks, rather than taking the time to listen to what is actually being said.

  • 6 tips to master the first 90 days in an accounting job

    • Apr 5, 2016

    Near-mastery of a new accounting job during the first 90 days is critical for new hires, survey data suggest.

  • Professional networking tips for people who hate networking

    • Mar 14, 2016

    While the idea of networking might make you cringe, it’s a must-have skill for anybody who’s serious about their accounting and finance career.

  • How to develop finance leaders

    • Feb 10, 2016

    A good leader recognises that part of the job is developing the next generation of leaders.

  • Charm Offensive: the psychology of winning people's hearts and minds

    • Feb 10, 2016

    The author of Persuade offers three tips to help you wield more influence in the workplace

  • 5 ways to overcome procrastination

    • Jan 25, 2016

    What daunting to-do list task have you been avoiding? Ignoring? Dreading? 5 ways to overcome procrastination

  • How to ask for additional career development (successfully) in 5 easy steps

    • Jan 12, 2016

    Use the following five simple steps to make sure the conversation with your manager is a success and you receive the professional development you need to reach your career goals.

  • Play the office politics game and win...

    • Dec 16, 2015

    Just about everybody who has collected a paycheck can recognise the different types of “office politicians”.

  • How to know your career needs a change

    • Dec 16, 2015

    How exactly do you know you've been in the same job too long and your career needs a change?

  • How not to fail your next job interview

    • Sep 17, 2015

    To avoid failing your next job interview, here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • What’s Stopping You Being An Effective Leader

    • Aug 27, 2015

    Some think that it is simply about acquiring the right skills and you are guaranteed to be successful. Others think it’s about having the right qualifications.

  • 7 tactics to turn around a non-functioning team

    • Aug 24, 2015

    What if you have started a new job and are managing a non-functioning team, what can you do to turn it around?

  • What we can learn from the best and worst leaders

    • Aug 13, 2015

    The worst leaders point out problems without offering solutions. And they often withhold plans or prevent colleagues from contributing to the decision-making process.

  • 5 reasons why (and how) to add value to your employer

    • May 11, 2015

    Employers want to see their employees succeed, and prefer to avoid losing financial performers. Here are five reasons how you should start adding value to your employer:

  • Psychometric testing in interviews

    Psychometric testing in interviews

    • Apr 24, 2015

    Employers often use psychometric testing to vet potential employees and help them understand a little more about your personality and ability to fit into the role they are offering – and this type of testing is becoming increasing popular.