Staying on a recruiter’s radar

Published on: Aug 8, 2013

While working with a recruitment consultant, it’s critical you’re top of mind when the next position opens.

Deciding to work with a recruiter can be one of the best moves you make in your job hunt. A skilled recruiting professional can provide you with valuable career advice, help you refine your application materials and recommend employment opportunities you would not likely be able to locate on your own.

Here are some tips to ensure you’re top of mind when the next appropriate position opens:

1. Key in to keywords. When asked by a company for assistance in filling a vacancy, recruitment consultants often conduct a search of accountants in their databases. To narrow the list of potential applicants, they scour the list of CVs they have on file for keywords that relate to the opening. For example, when looking for an accountant with specific skills, a recruiter may ask the computer program to highlight only those individuals whose CV include the terms “UK/US GAAP,” and “analysis”, for example. The more relevant keywords a person includes in their CV, the more likely he or she is to be singled out by the database search.

Speak to your recruitment consultant about the keywords he or she recommends you include in your CV, based on the jobs for which you are applying and your prior work experience.

2. Be known. Recruiters frequently network with other industry professionals in an effort to locate the top talent in the region and industry. So, make sure your name is on everyone’s lips. Attending trade shows, conferences and other high-profile events, maintaining an active presence in local networking groups and always working to expand your web of professional contacts can significantly boost your visibility.

3. Maintain a positive attitude. Perhaps the best way to remain on recruiters’ radars is to be a person they enjoy calling. If you are professional, enthusiastic, considerate and quick to respond, a recruiter is more likely to call you first — and feel comfortable recommending you for top assignments.

4. Be a source. One of the biggest challenges recruiters face is locating skilled job candidates. After all, the majority of the most desirable professionals in your field are already working. If you know of someone who is considering a job change or is simply in need of career advice, provide your recruiter with the person’s name and contact information. Distinguishing yourself as a source of referrals is a great way to ensure you are on your recruiter’s speed-dial list.

While remaining on a recruiter’s radar requires some time and effort, the steps you take will likely lead to a faster and more satisfying job search.

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