Plan your promotion pathway

Published on: Mar 6, 2020

Promotion pathway

If you’re already in a senior position, and have lofty ambitions, you need to have a pathway in mind. Being fixated on your next ideal position will help you plan exactly what you need to do to in order to progress to your next big opportunity. Here are some things to consider as you plot out your career course.

1. Your next qualification

Being senior isn’t a reason to stop learning, in fact as you become more specialised, more training and official qualifications can separate you from other senior professionals. Explore any relevant chartered institutes or academic bodies for qualifications relevant to your role and see if your employer would be willing to contribute to your development.

Extra training is particularly beneficial in regards to technical skills, as automation becomes more commonplace in every industry, but developing your soft skills and leadership abilities can do just as much to improve your promotion prospects. 

2. Align with your manager’s goals and boost your reputation

It's beneficial to set yourself goals and targets in line with your objectives, as your superiors may also have their own thoughts about your career progression. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Show initiative and suggest new ways to meet your organisation’s objectives. If you can show the ambition to match and exceed your boss’s expectations, you should reap the rewards - both through job satisfaction and opportunities for progression.

3. Find or reconnect with a mentor

Mentors aren’t just for people starting their careers, they are useful at all stages. A mentor can help identify your weaknesses and overcome them. They can also offer a candid and hones advice about your current leadership challenges. Something which will be increasingly valuable as you move up the ranks in your organisation.

4. Brushing up on your social skills

Networking may fill you with dread, but the old adage of ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ still resonates in many industries, and to advance to the top, you often need a substantial network behind you. 

Conducting yourself confidently, and improving your public speaking abilities are important, but maintaining a social media presence is also vital, particularly as your actions online reflect on your organisation. Find out more about optimising your social media presence here