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4 Tips for working with a recruiter to find your dream job

Published on: Sep 3, 2014

When looking for a new job, online resources are often as overwhelming as they are helpful. Recruitment agencies, on the other hand, can offer valuable guidance and support when it comes to sifting through job postings and finding the perfect opportunities. Whether you’re starting a new search or simply like to keep tabs on potential opportunities, let a job search professional be a part of your strategy. Here are some best practices when working with a recruiter:

  1. Be direct

During your first meeting with a recruiter, give a detailed outline of your career goals. Lay out the types of positions, remuneration range, benefits and locations you would consider. Tell the recruitment consultant what are non-negotiables and where you have wiggle room.

  1. Be honest

Avoid exaggerating — or worse, lying — to recruitment agencies. Recruiters’ can’t do a good job of finding you your dream job unless you’re upfront about your skills, education and work history. You can depend on reputable agencies to maintain confidentiality and use discretion when discussing your professional background with potential employers.

  1. Craft an online persona

Whether you have a basic LinkedIn page or you are a social media guru with a blog and flock of Twitter followers, be sure to keep all your profiles professional and up-to-date. Just as you research potential employers, they will do the same. If you are not sure what an effective online presence is, working with a recruiter can help you determine what to include and what to take out.

  1. Use their resources

A recruiter can review your cover letter and CV, help with comparing salaries, offer interview advice, update you on current trends and provide insider tips about employers they’ve worked with. Some recruitment agencies also offer workshops and free online courses for members to beef up their skills while searching for a new job.

When working with a recruiter, that person is your advocate and is dedicated to helping you land your next dream job — at no cost to you. For a better shot at career success, take advantage of all that recruitment agencies have to offer.

Author: Robert Half